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The clinic is proud to offer treatment for our patients using state of the art facilities, equipment and materials.

We believe that the level of care can only follow suit if the dentists are equipped with the best working conditions and materials.

State of the art equipment

We are a fully computerised clinic and we were also one of the first dental practices in Brussels to introduce digital radiography in the early 2000´s. Digital radiography minimises the exposure time for patients and provides us with instant images facilitating the treatment we can provide. We have an onsite panoramic machine which is essential for wisdom teeth assessment and also for analysis of the bone levels for patients suffering with periodontal disease. We also use it for analysing the sinuses should a patient like to have an implant placed on the upper jaw and if a patient has sustained any trauma to make sure there are no fractures in the jaw bone.

Our fully computerised patient records and appointment system allows for seamless updating and management of our patients files. It also has a fully automatic yearly recall system for your annual dental check-up and dental clean. Once you have booked an appointment with us, the system also sends 24hrs in advance a text reminder with your appointment time for the next day.

We have a strict protocol for the sterilisation and disinfection of the instruments including a top of the range Class B autoclave, where all of our instruments are routinely put through in sterilised pouches.

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